Extending the antenna

HI William… I’ve got a anomaly I want your opinion on…

I’m running the SolidRemote unit to control a tennis ball pitching machine. Relay1 switches the carousel to start and stop feeding balls.
Relay2, the back and forth motion of the machine (oscillation). I’ve installed two SolidRenote’s in two different machines (but same make and model) and get the same results:

  1. Relay 1 - Controls the carousel (on/off) and works great out to 20 yards to start and stop the balls feeding.
  2. Relay 2 - Controls the machines oscillation but with a problem… With the switch normally open it works great in closing the circuit to start oscillation out to the same distance, however, the relay is not functional to stop the oscillation (open the circuit) until I get within 5 feet of the machine.

Note… the remote controller is mounted inside the machine’s Abs Plastic housing.

Do you think the 12v oscillation motor is interfering with the radio signal (as works fine when the motor is off)?
I need to keep the remote controller inside the box… I’ve tried different antenna positions without any luck. Would it make a difference if I extended the antenna to the outside of the machine? Can I do that (extend the antenna) by adding insulated wire to lengthen the antenna to reach the outside?




Note - The machine’s housing is Abs plastic (not metal). Currently the remote controller and antenna extended inside the box but close to the main drive motors.

Hi Ralph,

Abs plastic generally doesn’t block RF signal very much, so the main problem is the motor itself.

I would recommend a article written by Kerry D. Wong on how to tackle the problem, as follows.


You can try add a simple LC low-pass filter as mentioned in the article.

  • Btw, if possible, locate receiver away from motor, and use seperate power supply helps.

Please let me know the results, thanks.

Just searched on google, and you may find following link helpful too.





Hello Ralph, it’s been a week, I’m not sure if the problem is solved? or do you need other help? thanks.

Hello, I will mark this topic as resolved due to no response, if you have any more questions, please post in the topic to reopen it, thank you.