Erasing Remotes to Reprogram

I have one door opener with a yellow learn button and one with no color on the learn button. Mode is flashing light as its a rolling code. I tried to program to the non-color opener with the large button and then the yellow opener with the left button. Now, pressing any of the 3 buttons opens and/or closes both doors every time.
How do I erase the programming and begin again. Without erasing codes from the openers on the doors as I’m not sure these will work and one car is all set. New van needs remote to program homelink. Help!

Hi Jen,
For the code erase, it must be done on opener motor itself, using learn button (usually by press learn button for 6 seconds, the instructions can be found on sticker near learn button.)
And the code erase procedure will erase all codes, you can’t select which one to erase.
This is by door maker’s design.

So there is no way to reprogram the buttons on the remote? Once the code is in there it’s permanent?

I’m sure you can understand why I don’t want to reset the door motor. It’s currently programmed into our other car and I don’t want to mess that up, especially since I failed to be able to program the remote the first time.

I understand,
But as far as I know, the only way to erase codes is to erase all codes.
This is how your door maker designed their receiver module.

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