Ditec GOL4C

Dear Sirs,

I lost my GOL4C ditec remote control and now i don’t have any remote to open my garage door!

Could you help me telling which compatible remote should i buy and the steps i have to follow to configure it?

Thanks in advance

Best Regards

Bruno Branco

I have 3 clone remote copiers in use,blue LED light 433mhz but I have ordered the same design units but with red led but these units won’t work. They are 433mhz so what can be the problem. Surely if there 433mhz they should still work the same. Is there anything I can do to make them work,as my other 3 do?

Hello Bruno,

Sorry for late reply due to our holidays, Ditec GOL4C is a fixed code remote, so we only have duplicators for it, but unfortunately you must have at least one working remote to duplicate the signal.

I think you may need to contact Ditec for another remote, then program it to your garage door, also clear all the codes before doing this, to disable your lost remote, for maximum security.

Hello Paul,

The inner software can be different, so the compatibility is different, even if frequency is same 433Mhz.

Btw, it’s better you open another thread, since the OP is posting about Ditec GOL4C remote, thanks.