Disable garage door opener

I just installed a new commercial type garage door and a new Chamberlain B970 garage door opener. The system and remotes work flawlessly. (So far)

Here is my problem. Due to the increasing amount of self opening garage doors and the attempt to open garage doors in the area by others using a variety of garage and self made searching rolling signal remotes, I want to disable the garage door opener.

I want a switching remote that turns the power on and off. I would wire this in at the wall so that the power could be turned on or off by a remote. So, to paint a picture, I want to close the door with the garage door remote then before I leave I would turn the power source off by the remote im searching for. This would make the system not useable and could not be compromised by anyone. When I return, I would turn the power on with the remote I’m searching for and then use the garage door remote to open the garage door. The garage door opener operates at 3 AMPS on 120V. Nothing Fancy, nothing great, just want something simple, that will work flawlessly and safe. I look forward to hear from you.

Maybe you can try the one below?

Thanks WIlliam, I will take a look. Would you please take a look at this one…

Price isnt a consideration here, I just want a flawless on off remote control. There are always plenty good and plenty bad reviews so it difficult to determine. If you would share your thoughts I would appreciate it.

Sure, but I couldn’t find the wireless protocol the product is using.

So you might need to ask the seller, to see if he can provide more information.

Thanks William, I will set what I can find our regarding protocol. For the item you suggested:


DO you think I will have problems with this unit fighting the remote for the garage door opener? In other words will the protocol of one be counteractive to the other. I simply want a unit that will power up the garage door opener, then let the garage door open use its programmed logic to operate the garage door. The once finished the new remote would simply turn the power off. Sorry if I repeating my plans.

No, they work on different frequencies.

OK, Thanks. If I use it as a simple on off remote switch, will I need to add a power supply in order to operate it?

Yes, you will need a seperate power supply.

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