Diesel Remote Start

i successfully installed a diesel remote start with the 202U using hold to start Relay 1 and Hold to Stop Relay 2. The problem is, 2 channel did not account for the diesel preheat circuit, which is powered from a fused DC line instead of the Nuetral like the start stop. So my strategy to use one relay for stop and preheat doesn’t like like it will work since it would join the neurtral with the fused DC input needed for preheat. So, my question is should I find a relay that will shut to connect preheat during stop or do you have a 4 channel unit. See picture below.


I’m afraid we don’t have 4-channel ones, you might need two receivers (2x2) or check other suppliers for 4-channel relays.

Can I use the same remote for the two units? i.e. A & B for one unit and C for the other?

Yes, just program the remotes as you wish.

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