Defective unit

Straight out of the box both relays are working at the same time. No matter how I program the transmitter or how I program the receiver nothing changes. Relay one and two activate together. Doesn’t matter if trying to control relay one or two, both activate.
Do I have a defective unit?

Hello Jeff,

Sorry for the trouble.

First you can clear the receiver codes by following video here VIDEO - 202U V5 video tutorials.

Then check, none of the remotes should trigger receiver.

Then just program relay #2 (for example), by PRG2 button only.

And check if it works.

If still triggered both relays, try shake the receiver boards a bit, maybe some wires connected by accident on receiver?

If still have the problem, then it could be defective.

In that case, just mark it as defective, and return the unit to get your money back.

Thanks and let me know if you have other questions.