Defective modular

hello purchased Solidremote 202U from amazon and recived on 8/31/17. after install and introducing 12v to module both relays instantly pull in. power/ relay 1/ and relay 2 LED’s are all lit and I’m showing power on (NO) side. the problem is it will not disengage at all. I have tried different program settings ( program LED blinks as if receiving command ) but there is no change to either relay. Every time power is introduced relays pull in and when power is removed they open. I believe there has to be a small defect in computing board happy to send pics, videos, any information you require thanks!

Hello Kevin,

Sorry for the trouble, after 202U power up, if there is no transmitter press, then there should only be one light PWR on, the rest (SIG, LD1, LD2) and relays should be off.

This is indeed a very weird issue, actually this is the first time I heard of it… (all outputs ON after power up).

In this case, you can mark it as defective and return anytime to get your money back, the return center can be found just by following the guide by Amazon here

No questions asked, and we don’t need any proof of defective.

But if you have a little more time, would you please try

  1. Turn off power to 202U
  2. Press and hold PRG1 button (one of the two tall buttons, the one near SIG led is PRG1)
  3. While holding PRG1 button, turn on power to 202U again.

Please let me know what did you see, will all output on?

Thanks for your help.

Hello Kevin,

Just check if there is any news about the problem? and is there anything else that I can help? thank you!