DC Winch Control Issue

I am using the 202U v6 to control a 12v 1.5 hp dc winch to pull my plane into the hangar. Configured in the latch mode, the winch pulls for about 10 seconds before shutting down. An immediate press on the remote engages for an additional 10 seconds. The same thing happens if the remote is configured to simply press and hold the remote button. I can press and hold the winch’s manual wired switch and it winds continuously until I release the switch. Any thoughts? Is there an overload function within the Solidremote that I might be exceeding? I don’t know the amperage of the switch on the winch. Otherwise my setup works great!

I think maybe you can first disconnect the winch, and test if the relay work correctly.
If 202u works fine alone, then it might have something to do with the winch load.
For inductive load, our relay rating is 6A @14VDC.

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