Craftsman red button

I have an olf Sears Crafstman opener circ 1998 with a red button. The remote ID is 139.53879. I purchaseda two-pack of your 390 MHz remote for red/orange button devices. When I press thelearning button on the opener, the opener light does light. When I push and hold the reomte button (any button) there is no response at all fro the opener and the remote is not recognized. Can you provide advice on this situation.

Thank you. Andy Wolf

I see, I have checked the model number 139.53879 and it seems it is a green button billion code remote.
Sometimes, the opener maker misplaced buttons color and cause problems.
(It’s the opener maker’s mistake, they put wrong learn button color on
some openers.)

Please check the following page (from other vendor) for more details.

In this case, just visit Amazon return center and return to get your money back.

Sorry we don’t have green button compatible, you might need to check other suppliers.