Craftsman 1/2 HP & L-VISOR-2

Bought your Visor 2 remote

For Craftsman PART NO 41A4315-7A from 10/94. The Green Learn button clears but will not engage with the remote. Can you confirm I have the right version?

Did you change the working mode on remote, before programming?
The method video is on product listing description page.
Thanks and please let me know.

75% success. BOTH remotes work on the first door. Only ONE of the remotes allows a second button to work on the second door. I think one remote is bad. Do you concur?

William, any thoughts?

Can you please try the 3rd button on the ‘bad’ remote?

Already did. Tried both programming the 2nd and 3rd button to no avail.

If the 2nd and 3rd button already in correct working mode (same as the button that works), then maybe the particular button’s code is not recognized by your opener.

Both of my openers are identical. One of your remotes is able to recognize BOTH openers and the other remote can only recognize ONE of my openers. The second remote must be in the right working mode or it wouldn’t recognize EITHER opener. Can I please get a new remote now? We have been going back and forth for a week.

Would you please contact via Amazon for order return/replacement issue, as this forum is for technical support.

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