Controlling attic fan via relay and thermstat

I have an attic fan - which I am not sure goes on when called by thermostat. Can I install a manual override by using your 202 U relay unit?

You mean control fan by both thermostat and our receiver?

Would you please let me know more details?

In theory, our 202u’s relay can connect and disconnect circuit, so it can be used to turn fan on/off (provided the fan’s specs fits our relay’s ratings).


Yes, William. Here is what I meant.

If fan worked correctly, thermostatic switch connected to fan will close and fan will turn on. However, it is doubtful that thermostat is functioning correctly. For that reason, I wanted it to be turned on/off ALSO by your 202 unit, version 4. If so, can you provide wiring diagram or video?

By the way, I just installed solid remotes relay for old garage door opener replacing the old receiver while reusing push button wall switch. It works beautifully. Thanks

Raj G.

The fan runs on 110 volt circuit.

Thanks for the feedback!

Regarding the fan, I think there are following 2 choices.

  1. Connect 202U & thermostat in parallel, in this case, the fan will be OFF ONLY if both 202U & thermostat are OFF (if either is on, then fan will be turned on).

  2. Connect 202U & thermostat in series, in this case, the fan will be ON ONLY if both 202U & thermostat are ON (if either is off, then fan will be turned off).

  • By saying 202U is off or on, I mean the relay on it is off or on.

Does one of above logic meets your requirement?