Connect Arduino to SolidRemote 202U

Hello forum, the wireless kit works fine with remote, function as car security _ activating alarm
my qeustion is: can I also trigger the 202u to on with a wired signal from a arduino?

the purpose off this is: to avoid ,unwanted "alarm off "button press, like put the remote control in your pocket and “alarm off” button is then pressed.
the arduino computer detecing the 202u state, if detecting alarm off, then detecting door opening within 30 seconds, if not then the arduino have to trigger the 202u to active( on ) again, this has to be done by wire, is this possible and how to connect.?
thanks for answers.


Our 202u doesn’t support wired input control, so I’m afraid 202u can’t be triggered by wired arduino.
Maybe you can use another on/off switch (controlled by arduino) after 202u’s relay output, it might work.

ok, thanks you for information

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