Compatible with Genie 404

I have an old Genie Model 404 garage door opener that is currently wired with a Genie Cryptar II receiver. The remote is broken and I’m trying to find out if the 202U can be used to replace the receiver. On the back of the opener it says 29 volts and the opener supplies the power to the receiver (there are 3 wires). Would I be able to connect the 202U without separate power supply?

Usually 29 volts means AC, so it is out of specs.
Please see if you can find a 12vdc power adapter, and use that to power 202u.

Thanks for the reply! The current receiver on the other end shows input 34V DC, so perhaps it would work? How would I wire it though? Here are pictures from both sides in current setup: iCloud

It might work, but if voltage goes up higher, it will cause damage in the long run.

According to your photo, it seems 1&2 are push button terminals, and 2&3 are power output.

So you can wire 2&3 to our receiver’s power input terminals.

And wire 1&2 to relay’s NO & COM terminals.

When relay activates, NO & COM connected, the door should open/close.

Thank you for the reply! I ordered a unit to give this a try.

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