Compatible Garage Door Remotes Help Center

Here you can find help info on following products

  1. Liftmaster compatible remotes
    L-Visor-1 (Visor Type 1)
    L-Visor-2 (Visor Type 2)
    L-Keychain-1 (Keychain Type 1)
    L-Keychain-1B (Keychain Type 1B)

  2. Genie compatible remotes
    G-Visor-1 (Visor Type 1)
    G-Keychain-1 (Keychain Type 1)

How to program to garage door opener?
You can find YouTube videos on how to program remotes to garage door opener.

How to change working mode?
Some of our remotes (see Amazon listing) work with multiple opener models (for example, purple and orange learn button openers).
To work with models other than factory default, change button’s working mode is necessary.

How to change batteries?
You might find above videos useful, if you need to open the remote and change battery.
Change battery is necessary if the remote distance decreases, or LED light turns dim.