Compatibility with Arduino RC Switch library

Hello. I would like to know if the 433mhz remote controlled switches manufactured by Solidremote are compatible with the Arduino RC Switch library. Also, can they be connected directly to 110V or do they need DC supply?

Thank you in advance.


I just checked the library’s web page at, according to listed info, the RC switch library only works with series of fixed code and learning code chips (like 2262 and 1527).

Our 202U receiver uses rolling code format (like HCS301, HCS300), so I’m afraid it is not compatible.

If you would like to control by Arduino, one simple workaround is to remove the remote’s case and solder button contact to your Arduino board, then use Arduino to control button contact > RF transmitted > 202U relay operate.

Our receiver need a low voltage AC or DC supply in 9-24V range, it will burn if plugged into 110V (for power supply terminals).

For control terminals connected to relays, 110V is fine.

Please let me know if you have other questions, thanks.


I’m marking this as resolved due to no response, you can post anytime to reopen it, thanks.