Cloning remote

I am the member of a townhouse association. We have a Gatemaster Elite swing gate CSW200UL3. We are in need of additional remotes but can not get all owners together which is necessary if we use the mechanism in the gate housing for programming which apparently necessitates all remotes to be re programmed.
I think it is a rolling code remote but not certain.
Can you supply cloning remotes to work with our gate so that we can simply use an already programmed Liftmaster remote as the code source?

R Doerfler


I checked CSW200UL3’s manual online, the remotes are rolling code remotes using Liftmaster security+ technology, so I’m afraid it can’t be cloned.

You will have to program new remotes directly to receiver, but I think you don’t need to re-program all existing remotes?

It’s better you can call Liftmaster to find the best solution, thanks.