Circuit interrupt for potential lightning strike

I live in the Tampa Bay, Florida area which has significant lightning. I am installing a couple of robot lawn mowers which rely on a low voltage perimeter wire along with low voltage guide wires. These wires all connect to the base station circuit board and the Manufacturer, as with all robot lawn mower manufacturers, recommend disconnecting these wires from the base station any time lightning is in the area.

I am wondering if I were to install these wireless receivers for each of the wires and have them programmed to all work off the same signal I could simply press the remote button when lightning is in the area to effectively disconnect the wires. I recognize that the remote units will become sacrificial, so to speak but it would be much less expensive to replace those as opposed to the robot mower circuit boards.

If this works, I am wondering if I could further somehow set up the remotes to be tied to a detection device that would automatically disconnect the circuits any time lightning is in the area.

Any thoughts if these would work or would there be a large probability of the lightning jumping the circuit prior to frying it and still hit the robot mower circuit boards. In speaking with one manufacturer, I was advised that they have tried placing in-line fuses prior to the circuit boards and the intensity of the lightning actually jumped the fuses prior to them popping.

Our receiver is a simple wireless on/off device, so yes it can connect/disconnect your circuit.

But I’m not so sure if the relay on board can isolate lightning, sorry my knowledge on this application is limited.

I’ve googled “isolate lightning relay” and found this

It seems you need to use a bigger relay, and use our receiver or other wireless device to control that.

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