Changing the active period in "pulse/momentary" mode

Is it possible to shorten the amount of time that the relay provides contact in pulse/momentary mode? For my application, I would like the contact to end as soon as I stop pressing the button, or as close to that time as possible. Currently, there is a 0.5 second delay. Also, is there a way to reduce the length of the contact from a momentary pulse of the remote button? I press it once and it stays connected too long.

Thank you!

Hi Josh,

Sorry but it is not possible in our current receiver, the reason is as below.

  1. For our relay to be stable on (at least perceived stable) during button press, we need to introduce a delay period, when RF signal is interrupted during transmission (this can happen very often), relay still hold.

    This delay period on our current receiver is 500ms.

    Even we removed this delay on receiver, still there is delay as below.

  2. From transmitter side, we at least transmit 3 times for one button press (that is, ~ 350ms), so there will be a delay also.

So while it is possible, but we need to customize both TX & RX units, which is not feasible in our common purpose products ready to market.

I would recommend you find some RF module (with simple fixed code 2262, 2272), it will be more realtime, since it doesn’t have the delay feature built-in.

Thanks and let me know if you have other questions.