C-SP-390 not connecting to my Chamberlain Lift Master Professional. Date 02/05

What’s your opener’s model number?
And if possible, what is your currently working remote’s model number?
So our engineer can check it out, thanks.

The only numbers On the back of the remote are IC:2666A - 102 619 and FCC ID: HBW1241. I cannot locate a model number on the Opener.

Ok, checked under the light cover and found the model#. It’s 1245R

That’s weird, I just checked both opener model 1245R and remote model HBW1241, and they both indicate they’re 390Mhz security+ devices.

If your current remote is operating fine then it means your opener’s receiver circuit is good.

Can you try all 4 buttons on remote and see if it works?

If it still doesn’t work, please just mark is as defective & return to get all your money back.

Thanks and let me know.