Cannot program TX135 to the 202U receiver

I have tried the holding C and D down then release and Press A. it was flashing then solid but would not open the door. I have tried replacing the battery still with no results. I have 2 other remotes that work fine but cannot get this new one to work. Is there a limit on how many remotes will connect?

When you press and hold any button on remote now, does the led flashing or solid?
And what’s your 202u version?

all the buttons flash now. I do not know which version of the 202U

If all button flashes, see below.

So i have done this and now my A button appears to be set it is steady on when I press it but it is not releasing the door.

The solid light means it is in the correct mode.
When you program the button on remote to 202u, does SIG led flashes to confirm signal received?

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