Cannot get SIG ti Illuminate

VERSION 5 UNIT purchased from Amazon. Have correct power to unit, Sitch 1, 2, 3 IN OFF Position.

Press and Hold PRG 1, SIG light never Illuminates. Ordered 2 Units, both acting this way.



I would suggest you try another power supply (such as common 12vdc power adapter), since it is not likely both units are faulty.

If you still experience the same problem after switched power supply,
Would you please take a photo of the wiring, upload to, then send me the link to check?


Ok, what gives here? Stated Operating Voltage of 9v-24v. Used a 12VDC supply, it worked.

Have an issue though, the 17vdc supply I was using is good, functional and delivers 3A. It should work based upon your spec’s.

So what is wrong with the the supply circuit on these boards, where they cannot conform to the specifications?


Stated is true, 9v-24v.

To verify our specs is true,
try with a 24vdc power adapter & a 9vdc power adapter, you can see our spec is true.

There might be something wrong with your 17vdc supply.

Please measure the voltage output with multimeter, and make sure your 17vdc supply can support at least 0.5A.
Also it might be possible that your power supply has too much noise.