Can the Kit-1 remote also work with a hard wired activation switch?

I have an older sears garage door opener and I’ve installed the Kit-1 remote. The new remote works fine but my previous hard wired door bell style activation switch which was mounted inside the garage will not work when the new remote receiver is also connected. If I disconnect the new remote receiver the door bell activation switch works again. Is there a way I can have both the new remote receiver and old hard wire switch work? Any help on getting the old hard wired switch to work again would be appreciated.

Usually when wire our 202U’s relay output in parallel to existing wall switch’s wires (don’t remove any wires), should make both 202U and your wall switch work.
If, in rare cases, only one would work, then you might try following.
Open your old wall switch, and wire our relay’s output to your wall switch’s button solder pads.
Then it should work.
Soldering skills will be required, also you might void your wall switch’s warranty.

Also, a dedicated power adapter (12v ones to power our 202u independently) might help in some weird issue (in case you’re using the opener’s power right now).

Thanks for the tips but I’m confused why having the 202U’s output connect to the wall switch contacts would make a difference. It seems the principle of activating the motor is to short the two control contacts on the back of the motor. If I do that with the 202U disconnected, the motor activates as it should with the wall switch. If I connect the 202U, a direct short across the control terminals changes to have no effect. If I have that short at the motor or 10’ down a length of a conductive pair of wires, I don’t see how that would make much of a difference. Is there a specific dip switch setting I should be using for a configuration with a wall button?

Actually sometimes it is different.

By wiring to the button pad, it will mostly definitely works, because it is the same as if you pressed the button.

Please see below thread from another supplier’s product (step 3 photo shows it).

And let me know, thanks.

I moved the 202U to the wall switch and wired the switch to the same contacts on the wall switch as the wires that run up to the opener. The wall switch is a simple switch that operates similar to a doorbell switch. I got the same result. When the 202U is connected it operates the door but the wall switch does not operate. If I disconnect one wire from the 202U the wall switch then operates again. My dip switches are set at 1=on, 2=on, 3=off. Can send pictures of the opener and the switch if needed.

I figured out what the issue was. I had the relay #1 wires connected to com and N/C. When I switched them to com and N/O the wall switch then worked when the 202U was connected… at least if anyone else runs into the same issue - reading this will hopefully set them on the right path. Thanks for the assistance.

Glad to hear it works, I’m sure your experience will help other customers in future.