Can 202U be used with Homelink system in car?

I just installed the 202U on my garage door opener and it works great! Can I now program my car’s Homelink system to mimic the remote that came with the 202U? I have tried what they recommend in the car manual but it is not working. Thanks for your help.

Hi Bill,

We have tried to make our remote compatible, but honestly I don’t know since the tech information on Homelink is limited.

I think, now our 202U should work with (European version) of Homelink.

If Homelink use single firmware on all car makes around globe, then it may work on US version too. ( it’s just our guess, and may be wrong ).

434mhz Frequency is one of the problem, so at least your car should be post-2007 model (US version support that frequency since then).

And you can try program following the rolling code procedure.

If still can’t programmed after several attempts, then it’s likely 202u won’t work on your car.

Sorry if that is the case, and let me know if you have other questions, thanks.