C-SP-390 remote not programming


I’m also trying to program the 2-pack of Solid Remotes I ordered off of Amazon (remote model # C-SP-390). I have a Chamberlain/Lift Master garage door opener with a part # of 41AC050-2. The remote I have that came with the system has a number on the back of HBW1573 (I believe is what it says, but the numbers a a bit worn off). I have an orange Learn button. It blinks intermittently before pushing it to illuminate it for the 30 seconds. I have tried all 4 buttons on the Solid Remote as per the directions on the box, but it doesn’t work. My other 2 (original) remotes still work and the wall plate works, but programming the 2 new Solid Remotes don’t work. Can you help? Thank you in advance!

I see, I have checked the model number and it seems it should be a Purple button 315Mhz remote.

Sometimes, the opener maker misplaced buttons color and cause problems.
(It’s the opener maker’s mistake, they put wrong learn button color on
some openers.)

More details/evidence can be found below.
#41AC050-2 - see https://www.amazon.com/Liftmaster-Chamberlain-Genuine-Part-41ac050-2/dp/B071YSVX4W
HBW1573 - https://fccid.io/HBW1573

In this case, just visit Amazon return center and return to get your money back.

And you might need 315Mhz Purple learn button ones instead,

Thank you for the clarification on that. Unfortunately it is now outside of the return window for Amazon. How do you recommend I get it returned back? Thanks again in advance!

I see, since our shipping & returns are handled by Amazon, you will need to contact Amazon support about that.

I remember there is a ‘talk to a person’ option in Amazon return center.

Please talk to Amazon staff to see if they can authorize this for you.

Thank you.