C-SP-390 Not working with other exisitng remotes

I purchased two C-SP-390 remotes and they work fine together. I also have 2 existing craftsman remotes that work fine together. However, the C-SP-390’s and the craftsman’s will not work together. When I program the C-SP-390’s, the craftsman’s stop working and vice-versa. I have the red learn button on a craftsman model #41A5021-2E. Please advise.

Can you please tried clear all the codes on opener.
Then program again? maybe one button at a time.
Some openers can’t hold many remote buttons memory.

I’ve tried erasing the codes and re-program several times with no luck. The two C-SP-390 remotes work fine together and the 2 I already have work well together, but they won’t all work at the same time.

I’m afraid we don’t know the exact reason why they don’t work well together.

Sorry about that, you can always return for refund, thanks.

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