C-L-A-mini remote

Good Morning, Can I use these remotes on a unit that has 9 dip switches and no learn button?

If so, How is that done and possible?

I’m afraid it doesn’t work with 9 dip switches opener.

You will need to check other products.

Thanks and let me know if you have other questions, thanks.

Yep! Figured that out appreciate it

I purchased (2) C-LA Type 1 mini remotes for use with a Craftsman 139.53915D garage door opener (315 MHz, purple learn button). The remotes will not program in either Mode 1 or Mode 2. Are these compatible?

Your 139.53915D is 315mhz Security+ system, which should work with our Mode 1 (default).

Do you have another working remote? if so, could you please post photos, or model # ?

This is to double check, and to make sure your opener’s circuit board is working good.

Also you can try erase all current remotes codes on opener, and program again, sometimes, this work.

All of the existing remotes including HomeLink in the car work fine. Here is the remote that came with it:

It is indeed 315mhz security+ remote, confirmed.

One possible solution is to clear all your opener’s codes, and try program our remote first (maybe your opener memory is full, or some other reason).

If still doesn’t work, please return on Amazon, thanks.

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