Broken Dip Switch #1 on 202U Kit 1 ?

I’m using a 24VAC system and have successfully programmed both remotes using A and B for Relays 1 and 2 respectively. All I get is a pulse for both relays. The toggle function does not seem to be working. Dips 1/2/3 are On/Off/Off so both relays should be in toggle mode. Dip #1 may be stuck in the OFF position. The “click” into place for Dip#1 doesn’t feel the same as Dips 2 or 3. I only need one of the relays to toggle, but if Dip#1 is malfunctioning or permanently off it appears neither relay would be able to toggle. Is there another way I can check to see if Dip#1 is working/broken or should I send back for a replacement ?
Bob C.

Sorry for the trouble.

If the Dip 1 feels different, and doesn’t work after several attempts (push the tab all the way up and still won’t work as ON).

Then please return it for refund, thanks.

Thanks. Can you tell me the return address? I would like to exchange the Kit for a replacement. Is it easier to just buy a new one and get a refund on the one I return or wait separately for a replacement ?

Bob C.

Please return & get refund first,
Our product are fulfilled by Amazon, just visit Amazon return center to proceed.

Will do. Thanks. Bob C.