Boat Ramp Forward/Reverse

Trying to use your 2 channel receiver 202U for a boat lift where we need the motor to go either forward or reverse. I have attached a picture of an old receiver and how it was wired up as well as a picture of the inside of the electrical box that has 2 contactors in it.
We wired up the receiver much like my previous one. We can get the signal to work for going forward (where 1 contactor is activated) but cannot get it to go in reverse (where we need both contactor to be activated).
Any advice on wiring.
Also if there is any chance of responding to the following email as well of the electrician who is trying to wire the reciever up for me.

Thank you in advance,

Here is the picture of the electrical box with the 2 contactors.
Can get 1 of the contactors to go in to go forward (or reverse) depending on how the wiring is done, but cannot get both contactors to be activated to allow the motor to go the opposite direction.

Not sure about the contactors, but according to your old receiver’s wiring photo, I think it should work on ours.

Would you please refer to below topic, and check everything again to see if it works?


I was helping Paul with his remote hook-up and the wiring.
The one solid state relay from the remote would not change state. you could hear it ‘click in’ but, checking it with a meter, the relay would not change state.
The wiring seems to be correct. The unit will activate the contactor system in the forward direction but will not work in the reverse direction (due to the relay not changing state)
There is a local switch on the control box, wired in parallel with the remote, that works properly. if it is not wired properly at the remote, this local switch does not work.
this make me believe that there is a problem with the relay in the remote.
The relay has a rating on it for 20Amps (i believe). it drive 2 contactor coils that would total 2 amps at most therefore it appears that the relay’s should be able to drive the coils for the starter.
I believe that Paul is looking for a replacement for the remote that he bought with recommendations on the wiring hook-up.
Should the remote’s relay be able to drive both contactor coils?

From your first photo, I see the old receiver is using a small relay model UA-SH-112D, if that relay works, then our relay should work fine too.

If the relay ‘clicks’ and wiring connection is good, but not change state when check with meter, then the relay could be defective, you can return and replace it, sorry for the trouble.


Hello William,

Thank you for the response.

Given the issue that we are having, I believe the receiver is defective and the best solution is to return it and have a replacement sent.

The receiver is at my cottage and I will not be back there for another 2 weeks.

I bought the receiver off of Amazon. Is it best that I return it to them or should I return and directly back to you and have you send me the replacement?

Thank you in advance,


PS – I am from Ontario, Canada

Yes, the order replacement should be done at original sales channel, in this case, Amazon.

Amazon will take care of the replacement/refund issue, thanks.

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