Boat Applications (150hp trim/tilt & powerpole)?

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I see an application for a boat lift (which I may use, thanks) does anyone have experience with outboard engine (4 stroke yamaha - 150hp) trim/tilt, jack plate operation and power pole?



  1. I have v5 receiver
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Sorry I’m not familiar with your specific application.

Maybe you can check other forums?

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Hi capt_jp-
Can you provide some sort of schematic on your trim/tilt and jack plate operation? Can you clarify whether “power pole” in your question refers to the red/black plastic connectors made by Anderson called “PowerPole” or some other thing? The V5 (or V6) receivers (202U) can both provide remote actuation of various electric systems on a boat. I’m puzzled - if your at the helm - the power t/t will be a switch, are you thinking you want to adjust that from somewhere else?

Hi Tom,

I am usually at the bow of the boat when I am operating a small electric motor and reach shallow water. And I need to raise the main (aft) engine and/or deploy the power pole. (Which is a hydraulic shallow water anchor)


I’ll have to dig up the schematics.

Will be back in touch

Perfect, thanks for clarifying. Sounds alot like bass fishing out here. Any switch that operates some function on the boat can be back-wired - i.e. intercept the wires, and hook them approproiately to the N.O. or N.C. of one of the relays. The relays are dry contact double throw - you hook one side of the switch to “common” of one relay, and then the other side of the switch to either the NO or NC connection - depending on whether the switch is normally open or normally closed. Most boat stuff like you’re describing is NO (center off) spring loaded toggle switches. The button press on the remote then can be set to hold the relay in the desired state until the button is released (modulo the 1/2 second delay for stability mentioned in the manuals). You can get into the application notes on polarity-reversing, or totally skip that complexity if you just have a double-throw-center-off-toggle to control each of PP and TT. If you have that, then you use RELAY-1 NO for one side of that toggle, and RELAY-2 NO for the other. I believe you need two of the 202U’s as you’ll use one for TT and the other for the PP - but very similar setup on each - momentary for both relays, hold the button to get the effect, and try not to push both buttons at once to avoid smoke… I think (haven’t fully thought out) that the limit switch input for relay 2 can be used to disable relay2 closure when relay 1 is operating, while similarly the input for relay1 can be used to prevent it operating while relay2 is operating - that would be a smoke avoidance strategy…

Makes sense, I will give it a look. Definitely want to go smokeless, so thanks for those thoughts as well.

Yes, it’s estuary reddrum (red fish fishing). What’s fun about them is that you can sight cast to them in clear water. They can be very aggressive and excellent table fare, although I tag and release 90% of what I catch.

They are like the Spartans of the fish world. :+1:t2:

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