Big Button Remotes (KIT-1)/202U

My company purchased on Amazon the “Solidremote 12V - 24V Secure Wireless RF Remote Control Relay Switch Universal 2-Channel 433MHz Receiver with 2 FCC ID Transmitters” (KIT-1)/202U and I am in need of using a bigger button remote such as the one listed below. Is there any way for the Receiver to learn the transmitter below or for another one I can purchase in the same size and form? We would like to discuss making custom transmitters/receiver packages on a large order, but need a large transmitter right now.
LIEBMAYA Wireless Winch Remote Control Kit for Truck Jeep ATV SUV 12V Switch Handset Waterproof


Do you mean the big winch remote? sorry we don’t have that.

Maybe you can check other manufacturers, thank you.