Big 12v dc electric motor

I have a big dc electric motor. How do I wire for forward and reverse? I have 30a relays to handle the motor load. How do I wire small relays on the board to the bigger 30a relay (or relays) to achieve forward and reverse?

The 30a relays I have. 2 are 5 pin and the other 2 are 4 pin. Which one of those would I use?

I think you need to use 5 pin ones, as you need NO NC & COM to control motor forward and reverse.

You need to wire big relays & DC motor like the diagram below.

And first try control the relay manually, to see if it works, then use our onboard small relays to control instead.

Ok will try. How to control with small relays. How do they connect to big relays?

What’s your big relay’s model number?

Only numbers besides 85,86, 30, 87,87a

Are T05 SH049

The wiring diagram did not work that you sent. I tested battery, motor and they are fine. Hooked one relay up to check for just one motor direction and it worked. Then the other the same also and it worked.

I’m a bit confusing, since you mentioned the “wiring diagram did not work”, but you have tested two relays and both works?

Yes the wiring diagram you sent where it says to wire no1 to no2 then to power. Then nc1 to nc2 then to power. Then the 2 motor wires to com on both relays. Then you said to test manual. It did not work

I tested the relays normally, just to make sure they were good, since diagram did not work. Only one at a time, individually

The diagram should work, since it has been tested many times, I’m not sure where the problem is, maybe you can test COM output (across the motor terminals) using a multimeter, see if it outputs correct voltage?

Finally got it figured out! Thanks for help

Thanks for the feedback, and let me know if you need any help in future.

Hey William, do these units have any type of warranty?

Depends on the sales channel, for example, units sold on Amazon complies to Amazon’s rules.

Ok. I bought from Amazon. I didnt see anything about warranty. So does it have warranty?

See below.

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