Ball Valve Control

I have the 202U V6D. I have succefully gotten my controller to open one ball valve that has two wires on it. I used a Jumper to connect (Red) to NO1,NO2 and Power In). I used another jumper connected to (Black) to NC1,NC2, and Neutral In. I then connected my 2 wire ball valve to the COM1 and COM 2 and was able to get it to activate.

What i am trying to do is connect 2 Ball valves to the controller one is 2 wire(Red/Black) and the other is a 3 wire (Red,Black,White). I need to know how i can hook both of them up so they both activate at the same time. Im not sure if i split the COM1 and COM2 to both valves.

I think our relay can’t handle 2 wire + 3 wire at the same time, because that would require more relays on board (we only have 2).

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