B button on both remotes will not program

I have four garage doors, all genie. The A,C,and D buttons will program fine. I tried to program the “B” button on three different doors, will not work.
What happens: The lights go on and off normal. When I try to open the doors, the red learn light will come on when I hold the button and then off when I release it. I have done this programing for years and I can only think the “B” buttons on both are defective even though they will make the learn lights function. I bought these through Amazon. Should I return them or do you have a fix?
Best regards, Mel Parks

The B button is different, because traditional genie remote only have 3 buttons, mapped as A,C,D.
The B button only work on some Genie openers.
This is by design, and of course you can return for refund, thanks.

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