Antenna on 202U v6

FYI, I set up this antenna
on a 202U v6, and the range DIMINISHED approximately 50% down to about 80 feet.

How did you set up the antenna, could you please show me the connection to 202u’s antenna port?

Or you can just try replacing the stock antenna with longer single copper wire, maybe it works better than the magnetic base one you bought on Amazon.

antenna wires are tinned w/ solder and secure in the clamps

The wiring is correct, I think maybe it’s the antenna’s problem.

I’ll check continuity of the antenna wire and try it again tomorrow.

I checked continuity of the antenna, and it is good from end of wire to the male thread at base. I retested the set up, and the results are the same. Decreased range using this particular antenna. I do not know if another antenna model would improve the range. I would be interested to hear testimony.
All that said, i do not have any issues with the range of the 202U v6, it seems reasonable to me, 160 feet or so unobstructed; I was hoping to gain height above obstructions and a bit more reliability at the limits of that range by adding the antenna.

Can you try use a simple single copper wire, about 40cm length, stripped at one end (just like our stock antenna, but longer) and check if that helps.

Keep antenna as straight as possible, by keep our enclosure’s cover open.

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