Airscape Fan Control

Hi, I have an older Airscape attic fan and they are using a Solidworks Remote v1011-V1.01 (wrriten on PCB).

Due to a power surge, the remote controller is completely dead - I can see scorch marks on the PCB around the voltage regulator. The Airscape fan is fine - I can start it manually.

Airscape does not offer a replacement wireless until for my model. Can I use one of your newer units?

Attached is a photo of the controller while connected to the Airscape Fan. Note the DIP switches were originally both in the down (OFF) position.


It is a customized receiver with timer function, so it can’t be replaced by our regular receivers.

If you only need on/off function, and can figure out the wiring, then it is possible to use commonly found wireless receivers to replace it (with reduced function).

Or you can check Airscape for other replacement solutions,

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