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I keep ordering Solidremote Secure Rolling Code Remotes 2 Pack, Compatible with KIT-1 & KIT-2 (TX-134) thru Amazon, but I keep getting messages they are sent back. I have tried twice with no success. The following is the same message for both orders. “Your package is returning to Amazon because of one of the following reasons: Damaged in-transit, carrier could not locate your address, or refused by the recipient.” They were able to deliver the Kit and two remotes. which are installed and work great. But not able to order two more remotes?

It seems like an Amazon issue.

Since our products’ shipping and handling are fulfilled by Amazon, please contact Amazon official for this issues.
Amazon can be reached here
There is a “talk to a person” option in above link.

I would suggest you contact them directly to find out what’s the problem before ordering, to avoid further frustration.


Thanks for the feedback. I contacted Amazon and the two orders the Dec 5th and the Dec 11th were returned by the carrier as damaged. So… I try again. Mabey the box is too small for the shipper to handle :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Order placed, thanks!
Confirmation will be sent to your email.
Shipping to CRatner…
Thursday, Dec. 30
Estimated delivery
![Solidremote Secure Rolling Code Remotes 2 Pack, Compatible with KIT-1 & KIT-2 (TX-134)]

OK… now I have the four remotes needed, and the new ones programed. Thanks for the great support. They arrived Today the 29th :slight_smile:

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