Adding external button to the remote

I want to connect an external Peizo button to the remote. I have soldered wires to one of the button pads and that connection works well. There are unused holes on the PCB. Do they by some chance allow connection of the switch I would like to use. I am creating a single channel activator for a PLC controlled pump station.

Hello Michael,

Sorry for the late reply, I’m not sure what is ‘unused holes’ on PCB, would you please send me photo with details? thank you.

There are 5 empty solder points next to the multi-legged chip. One has GND next to it. The traces are connected to the chip.

I am not sure how to attached a picture.

The 5 holes are for factory testing and debugging purpose, they’re disabled permanently after testing.

I’m afraid they can’t be used for control purpose, soldering to button pads is the only way for our current boards.