A and B are both controlling both garage doors simultaneously - C-SP-315

A and B are both controlling 2 garage doors simultaneously, they’re not working independently.
I followed the instructions to program – but it’s not working as I’d want --need to have A working only one door and B working the other. Is there a way to reset the device? The package came with 2 – I was able to get one of them devices working correctly, but the other isn’t. Alternatively, I would want a replacement opener.

It might because of accidently programmed both buttons.
Due to Liftmaster receiver design, you will need to first clear the memory of receiver.
See below
— *** by doing this, all your existing remotes, car homelink will stop working, and needs to be re-programmed.
— *** It’s due to Liftmaster design, as you can’t erase single remote or buttons.

After that, try program the ‘not working’ remote.
First, A to garage door 1
Then make sure A is programmed properly, and garage door 1 exits programming mode.
Then, B to garage door 2
Then test if working properly.

And let me know if you have other questions, thanks.