+5vMagic port

Hi, what are the possibles uses for this output ? I have three kits v2 and this output are only soldering pads. I want a short beep when a change of state ocurs on the relays. I have a lot of 12vdc mini buzzers to use if is possible, they beeps decently on 5vdc.
Thanks for your attention.

Hello Miguel,

Yes it requires additional soldering, basically the port will output +5V when SIG led is ON. (which means receiver received a signal).

Please connect buzzer’s positive to labelled +5V, and connect buzzer’s negative to labelled OUT.

And please let me know if it works.


And please check if the buzzer’s max. current rating is less than 35mA @ 5V (for V4 and older versions 202U receiver).

Thanks for your quick response.
It works fine, a short and clear beep any time you press a button, indicating a change of state.
Even using a 12v buzzer works, not so loud but is ok. If is necesary a loud beep, may be connected the positive to the main +12Vdc and the negative to the OUT pad of the MagicPort. I mesured the 12Vdc buzzer Im using: at 5Vdc it consumes 10mA, and at +12vdc the current was 23mA.
like you said, necessary be carefull with the current of buzzer. Mesure it before use.
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Thanks Miguel for the feedback.

We’re improving our products, and will allow more current for this port, in next version (V5 and future revisions).

I will mark this topic as resolved for now, just let me know if you have other questions in future.

Mine are V2, and works super. Great quality.
Topic resolved !
Thanks William