402U Wireless Receiver Dip Switch question

Hi William… I’m working with the 402U for the first time. I find the instructions confusing in setting up the dip switches. What position should each of the 4 switches be in to place both relays in ‘hold’ mode.

Thanks… Ralph

I figured it out… But the documentation is still confusing when setting up the dip switch for a particualr mode. The dip switch block has four switches and the doc shows 4 possible positions layed out like the switches. However Dip Switch 3 and 4 are not used (unless setting up a virtual situation). By playing around a bit I found the correct switch configuration. Switch 1 ‘on’ and 2 ‘off’. 3 and for are not used and remain ‘off’.

Hi Ralph,

The working mode selection is same as 202U, just use DIP #1, #2 (so we got 4 modes in combination, using 2 dip switch positions), as seen in Page 9 of manual.

DIP #3 - controls remote learning on/off, see Page 16 of manual.

DIP #4 - controls X mode on/off, see Page 18 of manual.

Sorry for the confusion, and let me know if you have other questions, thanks.

Thanks for the clarification. I came to the same conclusion.

One thing I might suggest in the documentation is to state what mode the unit is set to by the manufacture at the time of shipping. That way the user can look at the positions of the switches, compare it to the documentation and have a much clear understanding to how to set the modes.


Thanks Ralph, I will ask document staff to work on this for next revision of manual.

Thank you.