402U Wireless Receiver constant beeping

I have a 402U Kit-2 Wireless Receiver with standard/default (DIP) settings. When I connect it with 15 V DC it constantly beeps and does not function to switch relays etc. Any suggestion why?

I’m not sure where the problem is, maybe you can try use another power supply and see if anything changes?
After powered on, the PWR led should turn on, and all other leds off.

Thanks for replying William. I am planning to use the device with my garage door unit which provides external 15V DC and open/close contacts. I have been using a cheap Aliexpress RF receiver/relay there for years. It requires 12V DC so I was using a 12V buck converter sourced from that 15V for that. However, the 402U just beeps repeatedly, whether I connect it to the 15V, or to the 12V buck converter. I am guessing that the beep pattern is intended to indicate some kind of fault the 402U is indicating about the supply? Perhaps ask your firmware engineers. Note no other wires are attached.

Anyhow I have mains power beside the unit so I just took an old spare 12 V DC plug pack and have powered the 402U from that which works fine. Although that is a little messy, I will just use that permanently unless you can suggest some reason why I can not use the convenient 15V supply.

Based on your description, it seems the 15V power supply can’t provide enough current for our receiver.
So our receiver kind stuck at the boot process, causing the beep.

That does seem a feasible explanation. I guess the unit boots and then the beep at startup (which uses +40 mA according to spec page) causes the unit to die and restart again, and thus causes the beep cycle.

Thanks for your help. I guess the plug pack has to stay given we conclude the power supply is probably inadequate, and will likely fail to drive the relays even if I disabled the speaker.

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