402U sometimes misses short button presses.

Hi have noticed the 402U sometimes will miss very short button presses, If I concisely press the button longer it always activates. This is not a characteristic I have seen on the 202U receiver. My guess would be that the 402U has a sleep mode for the receiver which has a sleep duration longer than the minimum transmit period for the remote.


Yes it is normal behaviour, the reason is our 402u receiver hops between several frequencies (this is to avoid narrow band interference), so there is a sync process for initial transmission.

The sync process takes some time, in theory, receiver will get the signal of the first transmitter press, but if there is interference, then sometimes it will miss the very first transmission.

Then it will take another cycle for receiver to sync, that’s why sometimes it will miss short button presses.

Thanks and let me know if you have other questions.

Ok, Please add that to the list of 433-X transmitter features, set the firmware to have a minimum transmission length long enough to be reliably picked up on every button activation. And ideally work in a firmware update for the current TX134 transmitters so that every one after a certain date will have this small flaw fixed. I am really impressed with the 402U system, so far this is the only flaw I have found with it. Is there any plans to add timed relay settings like are on the 202U V5?

Thanks for the feedback.

I will forward it to our engineer to see if we can provide the option so customer can choose between original transmission length & longer length.

We do have plans to improve 402u receiver (such as timed relay feature), but since there’re higher priority things to do first, so we couldn’t tell the exact time.

Again, thanks for the suggestion, it helps a lot.