402U receiver wiring


few q’s:

  1. Please confirm the 12v inputs/outputs on R1 & R2 and ground in image below?

  2. For the virtual expansion ports P2 & P3, are those 12v outputs? If so, do I need to run a + power input wire to any of the expansion ports if sharing power between relays?

  1. For the remotes, programming hold would ideally be button1 for R1, button2 =R2, button3=R3, etc.?


  1. Yes.

  2. Please see below.

  1. You can program like that.

Couldn’t one just connect the DC positive port on the relay board directly to (red line) the P1 (+5v) port on the receiver unit?

It’s possible, but please note the P1 port’s max current capability is very limited 150mA

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