402U not repsonding

hi there,
i just got my 402u once powered on, speaker was working, once started to change the dip switch speaker make fast beeps(stuck sound) and board become not responding, removing the jumper make it work again, however dip switch is acting weird (sometimes work, other times give different configuration, total crazy)

please help

Sorry for the trouble,
Yes it could be dip switches issue,
Would you please try turn off the receiver -> put all dip switches in OFF position (the tabs in dip switch must be all the way down, not stuck in middle).
Then turn on receiver, to see if it works normally?

When change working mode, just toggle DIP1 & DIP2.

DIP3 & DIP4 should always kept OFF, for common purpose control.

Please let me know, thanks.

Same issue, all off, turned on relay worked as toggle(by it self)then changed to pulse, connecting the jumper make the board and speak stuck again.
How i can fix that dip switch issue?

To check if DIP switches is good, just check the bottom side of pcb, and check if the solder points is ok.

If receiver still shows the same problem after multiple tries, it could be defective, sorry about that.

In that case, please mark it as defective, return it to Amazon and get your money back.

Amazon return center can be found at https://www.amazon.com/returns

Thanks and let me know if you have other questions.

Actually return it will cost my double its value, is there anyway to repair. Shall i replace the dip switch? Or even remove it and rewire it?

If the problem is occured during moving dip switches, then I think remove the dip switch (by soldering) may worth a try.

After removed dip switch, please check if the receiver is working normally in momentary mode.

Thanks and please let me know.