402u light and actuator help

I have a 402U controller i wish to operate two different things.

  1. Being lights constant on or off(latching)
  2. Being able to extend and retract an actuator (pulse extend / pulse retract)

Is this possible witb 1 402U controller?

If it requires two 402U boxes can i use one remote for the two boxes for all my required functions?

Thanks for any help


In our 402U’s working mode, there is one combination (pulse+hold), but I’m not sure if it works for you.

In (pulse+hold) mode, relay #1 will work in pulse (momentary), while relay #2 work in hold (toggle)

Hold - maybe use on your lights? so, press button to turn on, press again to turn off.

Pulse - maybe use on your actuator? press & hold to turn on, release to off?

Is it like above?

Please let me know, thanks.

That would work but i also need the ability to run the actuator back in as well

I’m not sure how is the receiver connected to the actuator?

Is it like polarity reverse motors? or just two momentary signals?

Can you please show me the wiring? thanks.


The actuator is reverse polarity operated. I’m ok with the option of using two 402U receivers to conrol all functions needed if its an easyer route as long as they can be operated off a single remote.

Thanks Aj

Well, if you’re using our relays to direct reverse polarity (like following photo, two spdt relays to polarity reverse).


Then, I would recommend you use 202U instead, since 402U doesn’t have NC terminals, thus not recommended for above application.

Or if you’re using external mechanism to do polarity reversing, our relay just output a momentary signal, then it might work.

Please let me know, thanks.

** As for your question, yes, one remote can control two 402Us or more, as long as programmed.

If i did purchase a second 402U receiver that’s sole purpose was to operate my actuator in/out would it safely operate wired up in this manner?


I cant seem to find any 202U receiver’s currently in stock

Thanks aj

Checked the link you posted, If I’m correct, then you’re planning to use additional 2 relays (outside) to operate the actuators?

It seems you can use 402U in this case, because you just need a pulse signal from 402U (and it will be safer for 402U, because it doesn’t switch a possibily heavy load)

  • 202U receiver is currently out of stock, and will be available in estimated 7 days.

Thank you.