402U change to NON-AES mode?

ive got a 402U and need to figure out how to turn OFF the AES mode

i have several of the solidremote units… some are AES and some are normal
but i need ALL of the remotes to work with ALL of the units

when i switch mode to ‘normal’ on my TX134 remote, the 402U will no longer see them at all

is there a way to DISABLE the AES on the 402U itself so remotes in ‘normal’ mode will be compatible?


I’m afraid not,
402U only works with TX134 remotes in AES mode.
Only remotes can change mode, receivers can’t.

ok thanks.
dang… the only reason i went with then 402U was for the ability to connect 4 relays.
guess im gonna have to get rid of all of my solidremote receivers and find another solution/brand


so the TX134 remotes retain their pairing/programming between modes!
so you can program the buttons ya need in AES mode, and in Normal mode-
just switch modes to control both the 402U and 202U!
(my setup doesnt have the same button working in both modes though)

Working Example: buttons A,C,D in AES mode with 402U, and button B in normal mode with 202U
all on the same remote!

just did some more testing… it appears as though you can program ALL 4 BUTTONS independently on the TX134 in each mode (AES /Normal) and their functions/pairing are retained!
(with no crossover from the other receiver while in the opposite mode)
so in effect if you’re using a 402U AND a 202U you can use a single remote, and have all 4 buttons available for use on BOTH receivers!

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