402U Antenna Specifications & Recommendations


We recently purchased a Solidremote 402U unit and we want to attach an antenna to boost the range since our receiver is going to be placed within a watertight metal container. I have read some of the other posts which asked regarding the external antenna, but I couldn’t find any information regarding attaching an external antenna to a 402U unit.

For clarification, we are trying to place the solidremote unit within a watertight container onboard a RC boat.

To summarize;

  1. What is the procedure to attach an external antenna to a 402U unit?
  2. Are there any antenna specifications to be met other 433MHz frequency antenna? We want to try and use an omnidirectional antenna for example, would that be fine? Image attached for reference.
  3. Are there any specific recommendations you can provide for an antenna to be used in marine environment?

Thanks in advance!!

  1. There are two types of antenna connectors on 402U, one is terminal type (you can strip wires end to fit), and the other is u.FL (you can connect easily with a u.FL antenna, or use u.FL to SMA converter, like this one below.

  2. Generally most 433mhz antenna should work, and those has bigger size generally work better.

  3. Sorry I’m not familiar with your specific application, maybe you can get more help visiting forums that focus on antennas and RF etc.


Hi william,

Thanks for the reply.

I just have a few more questions. What is the wire attached to the ANT port given for? There is a GND pin as well.
When opened, there is a round port called iPEX, is that port connected to SMA converter directly?

For the terminals connection, please refer to following video.

iPEX is connected to the converter directly.

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