390 remotes - need assistance

We have a farm building with four doors so we were directed to your remotes.

We purchased 10 - 390 series remotes for tractors and staff

2 doors are Chamberlain B750’s & 2 doors are Liftmaster ELITE series Logic 5.0 units.

I haven’t been able to sync the remotes to the lift master units?

Any suggestions?

Sorry for the trouble,
After checking the technical info for your doors, it seems they’re not compatible, as follows.
Chamberlain B750 is Security+ 2.0 system (that usually with yellow learn buttons when used on garage door openers).
Liftmaster ELITE series logic 5.0 is also a Security+ 2.0 system (see manual https://www.controlledproducts.com/customer/docs/skudocs/J501L5_Installation%20Manual.pdf)

So I’m afraid you will need to return 390 remotes, and check yellow learn button remotes instead.
Thank you.

Do you have a recommendation that would work with four buttons?

David Schmidt
Bluff Valley Farm

Sorry right now we don’t have yellow learn button compatible remotes.
Maybe you can search for it on Amazon?

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