3 Kit-1 Receivers in close proximity

Will three Kit-1 receivers mounted back-to-back in a PVC box interfere with each other?
All three are programmed identically. The idea is to “fail operational” with relay contacts in parallel. All 3 receivers get the signal, and all three react the same way. If two receivers fail to receive the signal, the contacts on the third receiver still trigger the event. If all three receivers fail to receive the signal… well in my POC experiments that has never happened.

No, receivers won’t interfere with each other, because they only receive signals.
So your application should work just fine.

Hi William,
Thank you for the fast reply! I read somewhere that crystals in receivers can confuse each other when they are too close to each other. Glad to hear I can start experimenting without that concern.
Maybe someone can benefit from the following TLDR… With my three identically programmed Kit-1 receivers mounted in PVC boxes separated by 10 or more feet, I ran 500 successful on\off tests where all 3 receivers responded to the fob buttons perfectly. After I stopped counting at 500, I continued testing and eventually one of the three failed to respond to the “on” button.
500+ successes is great, but it left me wondering how I could get closer to perfect. That’s when I decided to try making my three Kit-1 receivers redundant triggers for a DMX controller that drives a wireless DMX transmitter. (Using my wireless DMX seems like overkill, but it just… never… misses.) So the new goal is having the Kit-1 fobs redundantly control a wireless DMX network.
The DMX controller (with contact closure input):

The wireless dmx units:

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