202U vs 402U range comparison and and 433-X transmiter avalability?

I recently got a 202U and 402U remote kit and had an opportunity to do some range test comparisons. I set them both up at a local park with the relay activating a bright white LED indicator. The test was line of sight with no obstructions. The 202U got about 100yds reliably and with a lot of hand waving sometimes could activate out to 140yds. The 402U reliably activated out to 300yds and with some hand waving out to 375yds. I would consider the 202U to have good range easily beating all garage door openers and car remote entry fobs. But the range out of the 402U is truly amazing. Goes to show what can be done with a more sensitive receiver.

I see mentioned in the operators manual a TrioAES 433-X transmitter option which is supposed to improve receiver sensitivity by another 4dBm. My question is where can I acquire one of these transmitters and how much can I expect it to improve the range?

Thanks for the amazing products at a very reasonable price.

Thanks for the detailed range testing, and glad to know you like our products.

The TrioAES 433-X is something still under development, the receiver side is ready (and already built into 402u receiver), but transmitter side still needs testing.

Its basic idea is to provide tighter control over transmitter’s frequency under all situations, thus better sensitivity can be achieved.

But sorry I couldn’t tell when it will be available, since there are higher priority things.

Please let me know if you have any questions in future, thanks.

Any update on availability of TrioAES 433-X transmitter option?

I’m afraid it might not be available in near future.
Actually we’re planning to discontinue the 402u product, due to much less sales than expected.
402u will be available for bulk orders only, after the current stock is sold out on Amazon.
Sorry we have to focus on cheaper products.

Thanks for the heads up, I just purchased a few more 402Us to stash away for the future. I really like both your products. Interesting that the $4-5 price difference was enough to make the 402 not sell well. Thanks for the great products and I look forward to your future designs.